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First Self-Cleansing Disinfecting Robot in Singapore

Singapore-based robotics and software development company Solustar has recently unveiled a Self-Cleansing Disinfecting Robot (SDR) that could reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for cleaning and disinfection personnel.

The SDR can sanitise 27 cubic metres of space per minute, or the size of a typical hospital room in less than half an hour, by shooting strong jets of disinfecting solution containing chlorine or hydrogen peroxide out of its nozzle. Its bell-shaped casing is designed to facilitate efficient self-cleansing on-the-go, enabling disinfectant droplets to effectively sanitise its entire exterior. In addition, a lack of protruding nuts and bolts means that foreign matter such as viruses are less likely to gather and reside on the body.

Measuring 1.2 metres tall and 0.7 metres wide, the SDR fits comfortably into nooks and crannies and can be used in both vacated and occupied spaces. This poses an advantage over ultraviolet-C (UVC) robots, which require target spaces to be empty due to the damaging effects of UVC radiation. 

Currently in the trial stage, the SDR will be distributed both locally and in the Southeast Asia region. There will be 2 versions of the SDR, guided via remote control and autonomous navigation respectively.

“Our immediate priority is to work with frontline workers, the government, commercial offices and public space operators to deploy the robot and help make a difference in Singapore’s fight against COVID-19,” says Louis Loo, CEO of Solustar. “SDRs can also be rolled out in trains, airports and hotel lobbies to safeguard the interest of our population.” The city’s Health Ministry has recently announced plans to lift some of its circuit-breaker measures from 2 June onwards, as part of a broader three-phase plan. 

Founded in 2013, Solustar develops purpose-built robot solutions and impactful software for enterprises. Their product range also includes Val II, a smart concierge and security robot, Eddie, a service delivery robot, Solusight, an augmented reality platform, and smart name card Solucardz.

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