Solubots Disinfectant Robot - SDR

The primary feature of SDR is a bell-shaped casing that is self-disinfecting.

Operator can remote control or operate the SDR in autonomous navigation mode.

Standing at 1.2 metre tall, SDR assists operators to safely sanitise both habited and inhabited spaces whilst minimising the risk of infection due to exposure towards manual applicators.

Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the robot is in high demand for the application in airport as that is the gate keeper of infection. Using SDR in areas such as cruise centre, medical facilities, commercial offices, hotels and public places is necessary for “new normal” safe practices


Safeguard your staff


Deep cleansing and disinfecting into every nook and cranny


Safe sanitizing of habited or inhabited spaces


Easy deployment

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Immediate need is in medical facilities, commercial offices and public places in the current COVID19 climate.