Hands-free collaboration with smart glasses and voice control

Solusight combines Enterprise Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence to help you empower your frontline workforce to do their best work – close the skills gap, seamlessly capture tribal knowledge, and seize opportunities that drive continuous improvem

Key Features

Remote Expert

Glass wearers use voice command to activate the zoom, exposure and setting on the glass. The command center selectively sees the view of the wearer, send an image with typed annotation to glass wearer.

Real Time Telepresence

Session are happening in real-time with a group of remote user interacting together. Command center can see all the view of the glass wearer to give the appropriate instruction or coaching in real time.

Video Recording

The session can be recorded and archived for future reference. Solusight has a gallery with a search function. Video can be filed into different folder like project name or date specific on the search function to look for archived files easily.

How it Works ?

A multi-way collaborative communication for real time coaching, monitoring and repair work troubleshooting purpose

Instant Annotation Feature

Smart Glass View

Command Center Annotation

Industry Solutions

Solusight is being used to help intelligently guide and remotely, support frontline workers in a wide range of industrial use cases


Solusight is tailored for enterprise and engineering usage for remote field personnel to receive expert advice, coaching and instruction. As long as there is 4G wifi, the field personnel can interact with expert or headquarter for instruction while on field assignment.

Oil Rig

Oil Rig is predominantly classified as zone 1 or explosive proof. Solusight of solution is certified as zone 1 or explosive proof solution such as AR glasses and handphone


Solusight and Realwear solution using hands free operation with voice command will not contaminate samples. Work flow such as bar code scanning for each experiment is issued using voice command. It has a speech to text feature using dictation for recording purposes of experiment.


Due to restriction on travel and hefty travelling cost, invigilator of examination can use the glasses to record proceeding of the examination. Lecturer can don the glasses and have their hand to demonstrate or illustrate to the class.


Health worker can don the glasses to consult or interact with doctor to treat patient. Due to Covid, Doctor may not be permitted to visit. Productivity will be increased with telemedicine scenario. Doctor will be able to attend to more patient using telemedicine.

Solusight can be integrated

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