Who Are We

We are a singapore robotic company and software development that focus on developing enterprise grade application for businesses and consumers.

Our Mission

Solustar envision itself as a global company with impactful software and purpose-built robot solutions to the enterprises

What We Do

Our key area of focus is Robotics, Augmented Reality and Smart Name Card.

Our history

We started as a ERP software house providing daily operation for motorcar workshop in 2013. In 2017, we expanded into Indonesia and invented Solusight, AR platform in 2018 and Solucardz, smart name card in 2019. Both platforms are available as a SAAS model. Solusight can be deploy on premise as well. We became known as a manufacturer of social humanoid robot in 2017 with a 1.6m tall VAL, the concierge robot. After a two years development, we debut VAL II R1 in June 18 at CommunicAsia Singapore. Now, after further development, VAL II R2 and R3 was enhanced as a 1.6m humanoid that uses speech to guide user on transactional activities. VAL II R3 has autonomous   navigation, is able to do surveillance. Possessing a card dispensing loader, ID/Passport scanner and receipt printer, VAL II R3 is a multi-tasking humanoid for hotel check-in/out, mobile sim card fulfilment services, receptionist and the services can be deploy at government, airport, hospital, staffing on boarding etc.


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executive Team

Louis Loo - Solustar
Louis Loo, BA

Founder and CEO

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