Slide Concierge Robot

Concierge Robot

Concierge Robot is designed for AI security purposes with smart functions such as attendance management and temperature screening. The advanced infrared thermal imaging system monitors body temperature preset limits. The 23-inch display screen is managed by GFAI Intelligent Cloud Platform, which supports releasing advertisements remotely.

Slide SDR

SDR Side Spray Feature

The primary feature of SDR is a bell-shaped casing that is self-disinfecting.

Operator can remote control or operate the SDR in autonomous navigation mode.

The SDR is designed to treat 27 cubic metre of space per minute (8.5 square metre x 3 metre height).

Solubots Self-cleansing 
Disinfectant Robot - SDR
Slide Food Delivery Robot

Food Delivery Robot - D1 & D2

Food delivery robot is a robot that applies artificial intelligence and robotics to the delivery field. Mainly used in restaurants, hotels, KTVs, office buildings and other commercial spaces, providing catering, goods and other distribution services. Combined with laser sensor, ultrasonic sensor and depth camera technology, it can complete precise positioning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and multi-zone precise distribution tasks.Rich dynamic expressions and customizable voice broadcasts can provide more humanized interactive services for business customers


Collaborative voice, video and augmented reality

Solusight combines Enterprise Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence to help you empower your frontline workforce to do their best work – close the skills gap, seamlessly capture tribal knowledge, and seize opportunities that drive continuous improvem

Ai Ni Care Giver Robot

Ai Ni Care Giver Robot

Developed from the modular architecture AI Ni is a care giver robot for use in autistic, children and elderly home

Provide Functionalities :

> Entertainment to patients
> Stress relief for care giver
> Surveillance to control centre
> Announcement or interactive chat

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What we do

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Solubots have end to end solution for commercial robotic application. We tailor made your user requirement and build in the work flow onto the commercial robots for your deployment. In other words, we build the robots to handle the required job tasks to improve your business’s productivity and resolve your manpower crunch problem.

The types of robots that we build include:

  • SDR – Self-cleansing Disinfectant Robot
  • VAL II Concierge Robot
  • Eddie The Service Delivery Robot
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A platform that enables video session and recording, enabling android devices such as augmented reality glasses, mobile phones and tablets to do collaborative work such as annotating of pictures and download of material from knowledge base.

Using Epson or Realwear AR glasses, Solusight is a platform for 2-way collaborative communication for real time coaching, monitoring and repair work troubleshooting purpose.

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