VAL II Robot in CES 2020 - Solustar

Meet the VAL II robots coming to CES 2020

CES 2020 is on the horizon and there are numerous gadgets, gizmos, devices, automotive prototypes and new semiconductors likely to be shown during the world’s largest tradeshow. However, one thing that is always interesting to see is the latest robots that come to the show.

This year, the list of robots at CES will run the gamut from delivery, healthcare helpers, kids’ toys, concierge devices and even a table tennis playing machine.

VAL II Robot in CES 2020 with people

The Val II robot is a concierge and surveillance robot that uses speech interaction to guide users through transactions — such as checking into a hotel, buying a mobile sim card, obtaining directions, scanning an ID or passport, printing a document and much more.

Solustar Pte Ltd. created the robot, which includes a scanner and printer as well as AI in order to dispense cards for hotel rooms, or scan IDs or passports for getting through a checkpoint or even printing receipts at a store.

The company said the mission of the Val II robot is to fill in the gaps required by enterprises. The robot can include facial recognition and identity solutions with integration of Microsoft teams and through smart cards with Solucardz.

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