We have end to end solution for industrial and consumer robotic application. We tailor made robot requirement from design to manufacturing based on customer requirements. Types of industrial robot includes

  • Robot for sending food and tray return for food and beverage in the fine dining and food court
  • Heavy industrial robot for manufacturing
  • Hospital delivery of medication and food to patients
  • Robot that speaks 32 languages, for direction to provide customer for store location and direction
  • Beside industrial, we provide early child hood, home and elderly care robotic solution. Application includes teaching enhancement for child and elderly. Our robot can sing, turn on home appliances, remind user of appointments, provide video of elderly home environment to give love one a peace of mind, command robot to take pictures and make phone mobile phone call using voice command. We have collaboration with consumer robot manufacturer with capacity for functional enhancement. Give us a call today if you have any robot requirements at +65 65133312 to discuss your requirements.

VAL The Concierge Robot

VAL, a 1.6 m conceirge robot can be deploy across all organization such as airport, retail store, banks, mueseum etc. VAL can speaks 32 languages and is suitable to be the receptionist and conceirge roll into one. It can even do translation of languages into English. With its ability to navigate, it can provide direction customer to the correct shelf and the product customer is looking for or even the nearest route to the toilet.

Sanbot Conceirge

  • 800mm
  • Can speaks 5 languages and entertain the younger crowd.