Motorcar Workshop System

Motorcar Workshop ERP

Solustar System (2S) Motorcar Workshop Solution is an advanced Windows base, affordable and full-featured Services and Spare-parts Management Solution that automates the daily operations of your repair car center. The aim of the 2S is to provide you, the 2S center owner, with added efficiency and productivity in your business.

Product Benefit

Give your clients a professional image through quality of service, efficiency and automation. Have your clients’ details and full history of all repairs and services, warranty period, chargeable services and items at your fingertips.

  • If you are a second hand car dealer, you will be able to manage your sales transaction
  • Provide an automated integrated knowledgebase system; reduce the risk of losing vital information through the migration of key service personnel.
  • Gain greater control over your service personnel by assigning service requests to the right technician.

Product Benefit (Next)

  • Tighten the control of your inventory.  Provide you with the knowledge of stock status and re-order level. You will never be out of fast moving items or highly stocked with low moving ones. Pilferage will be avoided as all parts issued out to your technicians are tracked until they are returned or sold.
  • Decrease operations cost by automating your operation processes and increase profit and business growth.
  • Easy to use, minimal training required.
  • Excellent after sales services and support.

Product Overview of 2S


Service Work Flow Management

  • Work Order Registration
  • Job Assign
  • Update Job Sheet
  • Keep Track Of Work Status
  • Cash / Invoice
  • Payment Received
  • Alternate Payee Work Order
  • Credit Notes
  • Mechanic Screen Assist Waiting for LO List Packages for fast billing
  • GST Ready

Spare-Parts Inventory Management

  • Parts Sales Purchase Order Goods Received Goods Return
  • Stock Opening Balance
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Packing / Repacking
  • Import Items from Excel File

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Service Appointment
  • Post Service Follow Up
  • SMS for Vehicle / Owner
  • Service Reminder

Short Message System (SMS)

  • Send SMS
  • Send Bulk SMS Read SMS
  • SMS Accounting


  • Vehicle History
  • Outstanding Bill Follow Up
  • Payment Received Follow Up
  • Inventory Stock Movement
  • Service Item Movement

Report Management

  • Daily, weekly, yearly and up-to- date reports
  • Daily sales and daily collection reports
  • Inventory status
  • Stock Re-Order Reminder
  • And many other useful report

Security Management

  • Triple Security Protection Level
  • Audit Trail


  • 2S can be installed on networked environment. It was designed for single and multi-users environment.
  • It may be connected to branches using VPN or Remote Desktop or Automatic Synchronization at regular interval.

Vehicle Sales Management System (3s)

The 3S module is designed for auto importer or distributor importing cars into the country. Functionalities involves purchasing of vehicles, importing regulation, registration, inspection, insurance calculation, monthly loan scheme and taxation.