Mobile Application on Android & IOS

Mobile App

We use the Agile Method in software development.

The Agile Method is a particular approach to project management that is utilized in software development. This method assists teams in responding to the unpredictability of constructing software. It uses incremental iterative work cadences and feedback that are commonly known sequential development.

For our project, we use:

  1. The latest programming language, Java, .Net, Php etc. for easy integration to the internet.
  2. Our aftersales support to ensure the highest level of service .
  3. Development of mobile application.
As demand for Mobile Application surges, we sought to develop application in areas such as augmented reality and iOT (Internet of Things) application.
We are passionate in what we do and work with our customer to achieve their business objective. We seek to provide quality services and being very customer focus, our people will empathize requirement or challenges and will bring about a resolution. Also, we work with customer for long term perspective and a win win situation!

We specialized in mobile application for Enterprise use or as an application that can be downloaded on App stores or iTunes.

    We have a step by step methology on building the mobile apps:
  • Step 1: Understanding the objective of building a mobile apps
  • Step 2: Understanding the main point and the internal workflow and the integration points. Documents the necessary requirements.
  • Step 3: Building the Apps with the required functionality such as payment gateway and eCommerce and the API connectors
  • Step 4: We present a framework of the apps to customers
  • Step 5: We add the graphical and attraction to the mobile apps
  • Step 6: We test the application on various devices
  • Step 7: We deploy the application and monitor the performance to ensure that the apps is properly displayed on key mobile devices, tablets and PC screen
  • *Undertake to apply all necessary paperwork for icon deployment in Play Store and iTunes